Jess with her assistants Bingbong the round green frog and Pickles the tubby black cat, sitting amongst a pink wall and stars, clouds and rainbows.

Welcome to Jessthechen, where everyday life is sprinkled with a touch of magic! Drawing inspiration from the enchantment of childhood memories and the delightful aesthetics of Japanese and Korean design, we're here to show you that stationery can be anything but ordinary.

At Jessthechen we want to bring happiness to your everyday life, even the small moments. Whether you are journalling your thoughts, creating beautiful scrapbooks, or simply adding a dash of joy to your day, our designs and products are sure to bring a smile to your face.

So come on in and embark on a journey through our whimsical world of Jessthechen, where happiness is always in style!


Meet the team 🌈




Hello! I'm Jess, an absolute stationery and stickers fanatic ever since I was a kid and I've never outgrown it.

I have a background in graphic design with a career spanning over several years in the industry, and now I want to turn my art hobby into something bigger and meaningful. I'm inspired by children's picture books, how people spend their time alone, and enjoying quiet simple moments in our lives.



Bingbong is a loveable little green frog who is in a shape of a watermelon and is three pudding cups tall. Their favourite colour is pink and is often the subject of Jess' content and ideas.

Their favourite food is strawberry milk bubble tea, and love spending time with their favourite person in the world, Pickles.



Pickles is a tubby black cat that has been with Jessthechen since the beginning. Originally the face and logo of Jessthechen, Pickles now shares the same spotlight as their best friend Bingbong.

Their favourite colour is yellow and they are five cheeseburgers tall, weighing the same as two full charcuterie boards.